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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yo Yo's

Got yo yo's now what? There are numerous uses for yo yo's and easy ways to make them. The Clover Yo Yo Maker is fun and easy to use. Use it to create a variety of projects using scrap fabric. This holiday season I plan to bright up my gifts by creating Holiday Yo Yo Trees and Snowman Yo Yo Ornaments. The projects will serve several purposes. One it will be a unique addition to our wrapped packages. Two recipients can reuse as ornaments on there trees. Get stitching! Make yo yo's the modern way or the traditional way. No matter how yo stitch them up there are many patterns and uses. Have a yooolicious time!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Traditional Youth Arts

I am so excited about the Traditional Youth Arts Program. Many days have been spent out of the sewing room and in the community establishing locations for the program. I am pleased that our first program of this year will kick off this Friday. 10 eager students desiring to learn sewing, quilting, and garment making. Our first day will be spent learning the history of sewing, sewing machines, and quilting. Also we will discuss the modern art of sewing and wearable art. After our discussion students will learn to make yo yo the traditional way and how to make them with modern tools. The plan is to create enough yo yo's over the next few months to make a coverlet that will be entered into our County Fair. So much to do to finish preparing and to gain additional sites, but for now I will rest till morning and start all over again.