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Monday, July 12, 2010


Have you contemplated the idea of making a quilt? Many have toyed with the idea. “To everything there is a season.” It’s your season! Creating quality quilts requires buying quality tools. Basic tools needed are as follows: sewing machine, iron, spray starch or sizing, rotary cutter, cutting board, ruler, scissors, seam ripper, long glass-headed pins, pin cushion, cotton sewing thread, fabric marker, and 100% cotton fabric. Since you’ve made the decision to become a quilt maker these basic tools are essential to your success. Although there are many tools available start with your basic tools then add others as needed. After collecting your basic tools try the pattern below or sign up for a class/private lesson.

Classic Nine Patch
  • Pre-washing 100 % cotton fabric is optional but not necessary
  • Press Fabric using spray starch or sizing
  • Cut fabric into 2 1/2" strips (two colors required)
  • Sew 2 1/2" strips together alternating colors.
  • Make 2 strip sets each should have the following color sequence ABA and BAB.
  • Cut strips into 2 1/2" segments. Sew one ABA to a BAB then add another ABA.
  • Continue to sew segments alternating colors.
  • Add a border around each block, sew blocks together. Trim blocks
  • Option: Measure trimmed blocks and cut squares that size. When sewing blocks together alternate sewing one nine patch then square, continue. The next row would start with a square then nine patch. When putting rows together alternate rows. The object is to have alternating blocks throughout project.
  • Number of blocks needed will depend on size desired.
  • Add an outside border, batting, and backing then quilt as desired.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Our NEW website is up. View pictures of quilts and things and even purchase items if you wish. Support local & handmade. Great gifts with meaning that will be treasured and last a lifetime. Stop by and check out:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweet Dreams Quilt

Staying out of the heat and in the sewing studio. We just finished a Sweet Dreams Quilt made with 100 % cotton fabric in yellow, pink, and greens. WOW, was the expression of the recipient. This quilt was tedious to make and filled with lots of cutting and recutting. The ending result was a beautiful quilt that was machined quilted using the Juki 98TL and Gracie Frame.

Now for the next project! Time to quilt my red, white, and black Buzz Saw Quilt. This is a beautiful pattern that is great for a masculine gift. The blocks fit together mimicking the blades of a saw. A twirl design will be quilted in the blades to give the quilt dimension and motion.