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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Traditional Youth Arts Program

Heavenly Fabric Creations provides traditional arts programs that promote cultural understanding to increase academic achievement, strengthen self esteem and identify and build leadership through art. The program offers instruction and hands on experience with hand sewing, machine sewing, quilting, applique, construction of wearable art, crochet, knitting, and creative expression. Students are provided with the opportunity and tools they need to do something positive and creative with their talents and time. According to research students engaged in positive traditional arts programs are less likely to turn to acts of violence and destruction. Traditional Youth Arts Program offer an alternative, effective and more affordable option to crime prevention. The program will increase academic achievement and improve youth’s attitudes about themselves and their future. Also the program is designed to increase the ability to work on tasks from start to finish which is vital for both academic and vocational success.
Heavenly Fabric Creations Traditional Youth Arts programs provides enrichment, cultural, and traditional arts activities to guide learning and engage youth in wholesome activities.