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Friday, August 6, 2010

Unfinished Projects

So your bins and baskets are filled with unfinished projects. Join the club! All experience that from time to time. My bins, baskets and every nook & cranny are filled with projects while my mind races on with new project ideas. On top of all of my unfinished projects is the task left to complete my first book. I think I have writers block. I need to complete the glossary of terms and add one photo. The book will be my early morning task after prayer.

This week has been spent finishing some of those projects and what a pay off. The Desert Beauty Table Runner was an unfinished project from a class that I taught. All was required was to finish the binding, hand sewing is not my favorite task; however, this week I have done a lot of hand sewing. The pay off was great. As soon as I listed the Desert Beauty Table Runner it sold in a matter of minutes.

My goal is to not start anymore projects until ALL of my current unfinished project are completed. Today I will work on a baby blanket. The red and blue puff blanket requires sewing the final rows together and stuffing each block, adding a backing and then binding. It should be listed soon. Next on the agenda is a place setting. Setting includes place mats, hot pads, and microwave spud bag. After completing the place setting project then I have two quilts to finish. One is the Tennessee Waltz and the other is a mini wall hanging.

The good that will come from finishing all these projects is a full store. I will utilize my time wisely by sewing at the sewing studio during the day and doing hand work in the evenings while spending time with the family. Time to sprint to the studio and get busy! Share your unfinished projects or inquire about unfinished projects of interest.

Blessings and happy stitching!