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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Breif History of Quilting

Quilting refers to sewing two or more layers of fabric together. Typical quilting is done with three layers, which is compiled of a top layer, batting or insulation, and a backing. The layers are sandwiched together and either hand or machine quilted. Straight or running stitches are used. Thread is used to make these sometimes decorative stitches. After quilting a binding is added to finish the quilt and hold all layers together.

The technique of quilting dates back to ancient Egypt or older. Quilts and quilted clothing were common trade goods in the wealthy circles. Many quilts have a biblical story associated with them. As a result of the bible being "the principle literary presence in most American homes" (Sandra Fox), many quilt blocks have biblical names. Faith in God and attending social events such as church and revival meetings played a vital role in the American Culture. The Christian faith sustained many people during their hardships and trials.

For almost two centuries or more women have met at churches for prayer and to do God's work. These gatherings often consisted of studying the scripture and quilting. Creating biblical blocks afforded the women an opportunity to study the word of God while making quilts for needy individuals and church fundraisers.

There are numerous biblical blocks. To name a few: Star of Bethlehem, Rose of Sharon, Jacob's Ladder, Job's Tears, Tree of Life, Balm of Gilead, Caesar's Crown, King Solomon's Temple, Walls of Jericho, Garden of Eden, David & Goliath, Children of Israel, and many more. The blocks were made using different techniques such as piecing, appliques, and embroidery. The bible was truly an inspiration to many quilters of the past and remains to inspire quilt makers today. Let Heavenly Fabric Creations design and personalize a biblical quilt for you today. Call 443-219-2431 or e-mail for more information.